Hi, I’m Mark 👋

I’m a senior software engineer working at Federato. While I’m not afraid of CSS, my true passion lies in JavaScript engineering and developer experience (DX). I love finding ways to simplify or improve development workflow to save time and make it more fun to work on applications. Wait, did I forget to mention how much I love TypeScript?

Outside of work, I’m a small town kid from Wisconsin who loves small town life almost as much as I like snow and winter. In my free time I like working on my house, working on software side projects, spending time with friends, and playing disc golf. I am also a devout Christian seeking to be more like Jesus in word, thought, and deed.

While I am a software engineer and a total nerd, I’m a huge extrovert and love spending time with people. If you ever want to debate the usefulness of college education for professions like computer science, I will gladly oblige as I am a self-taught developer who found very little practical value in college behind getting that slip of paper they call a diploma.