Software engineer, Christ follower, small town kid.

I’m Mark, a frontend software engineer who loves to build exceptional user experiences. My passion lies in developer experience, productivity, and accessibility. And yes, I use Vim.

Efficient Pagination With Prisma

When adding pagination to the Bytes section of my website, I didn't want to use traditional limit/offset pagination, instead I wanted to experiment with cursor based pagination which scales significantly better than limit/offset pagination. In this post, we explore how to do this with Prisma.

Introducing Bytes

I'm proud to unveil Bytes, my collection of short-form posts, tips, and things I learn as I build software! Bytes is a way to document my learnings and share that knowledge with you and in this post I share a bit more about my motivation for creating Bytes, and some of the fun tech stack that powers it.

Why I Use The Fish Shell

While Bash and Zsh are the leading shells used by developers, I find the Fish shell to be a great fit for my workflow as it provides a great experience with nice features and improvments to my daily workflow. Read on to learn about my favorite features as well as some things I wish were changed in Fish.

Stop Using Semicolons

The JavaScript community loves to debate about semicolons thanks to JavaScript's ability to use them or not. In this article, I give some thoughts on the two camps in this debate as well as what I believe to be a more reasonable approach to this debate.

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