Things I’ve done to make software development just a little bit easier.

I love creating software, especially when it makes the process of creating software more enjoyable. These are some of my more popular projects that I’m proud of.

  • JetBrains One Dark Theme

    The 2nd most popular JetBrains theme and the only project I created that someone else maintains.

  • Yarn Outdated Plugin

    Yarn plugin to show outdated dependencies with way more features than anyone needs.

  • ESLint Sort Plugin

    ESLint plugin for sorting imports, object properties, and more. Did I mention auto-fix that always works?

  • ESLint Playwright Plugin

    ESLint plugin for Playwright testing with lots of rules to help you enforce good testing practices.

  • Termicons

    Material style icons built for terminal rendering and a Neovim companion plugin.

  • Ratchet

    Automatically convert React PropTypes to TypeScript definitions.

  • Flashlight

    Find usages of imported symbols in your codebase.

  • dtsfmt

    Auto formatter for device tree files. Think Prettier for keyboard firmware.