Arc Browser Tab Switcher

In a previous byte, I discussed how the Arc browser allows a great deal of configuration for keyboard shortcuts. Another thing that I love about Arc is something you get right out of the box: the tab switcher.

The tab switcher is much like the macOS cmd+tab functionality, but instead of switching between applications, it allows you to switch between your 5 most recently accessed tabs. This is much easier than clicking back and forth with your mouse, and the visual preview of each tab makes it easy to see at a glance the content of your most recent tabs.

Arc tab switcher

By default, the tab switcher is mapped to ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab to navigate forward and backward in the tab switcher. These shortcuts can be modified in the Arc settings if you don’t like the default mappings.

Customizing tab switcher shortcuts

I personally use cmd+e and cmd+shift+e as I find those to be more ergonomic than ctrl+tab, and cmd+e is not a common shortcut I use in the browser.