Hi, I’m Mark 👋

Experienced software engineer with over seven years of experience building scalable web apps. Dedicated team leader and mentor passionate about teaching, developer experience, and high-quality UX.



Senior Software Engineer at Federato

March 2023 - Present

  • Developed an admin portal which significantly improved time to delivery of customization and features
  • Built a design system using React, Tailwind, and Storybook
  • Created product-level features to replace custom code thus increasing value for all customers
  • Implemented significant improvements to build process to improve developer throughput
  • Mentoring developers, knowledge sharing, and teaching techniques for improving engineering skills

Staff Software Engineer at Widen, an Acquia Company

January 2019 - February 2023

  • Refactored large portions of a legacy monolith into microservices
  • Developed frontend React applications in collaboration with designers
  • Lead developer of React component and utility libraries used throughout the company
  • Created a distributed architecture using module federation
  • Drove the company-wide frontend architecture planning
  • Architected and developed a bulk data import tool capable of processing a quarter million records

Web Developer at CKH Consulting

August 2016 - January 2019

  • Developed an enterprise-level Single Sign-On application including reporting and analytics
  • Built a time tracking mobile app to support customer billing and reporting initiatives
  • Created a bi-directional payment processing API gateway
  • Traveling on-site to customers for troubleshooting and consulting


Bachelor of Arts, Thomas Edison State University.

September 2019