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I recently started using a tool called Zoxide from a friend's recommendation and I must say, it's pretty awesome. Zoxide is a smarter cd command that tracks your most used directories and allows you to jump to them with ease.

Building slideshows using Markdown is really convenient and fast. There are three great projects on GitHub which do this well, but I always forget their names, so posting them in this Byte for my own reference but also to promote each of these great open source projects.

Earlier last year, I created a tool called Flashlight which is a Rust-powered JavaScript code search tool. I recently added support for searching for JSX tags and I'd like to highlight the features of Flashlight briefly.

Taking screenshots is a common task when working on an engineering team. Sharing in-progress work, showing bugs or needed changes, or finding design inspiration from another web app. While often you just want to send a message with the screenshot, sometimes it's helpful to save them to disk for later use.

ffmpeg is a fantastic tool for converting videos between various formats. I recently needed to create a GIF from a screen recording, which you can do with ffmpeg, but the command isn't the easiest to remember.

Old Git branches that are already merged can very quickly clutter your local repository. This can make it more difficult to find active branches you are working on. With a simple shell script we can clean up these old branches.

If you find yourself switching branches frequently and getting frustrated with typing out long branch names, or hitting tab way too many times to get to the branch you want to switch to, I might just have a solution for you!

Ever wanted to open your browser bookmarks from the terminal? Maybe not, but if you have a lot of bookmarks and you also happen to spend a lot of time in the terminal, this can be a great way to quickly launch your bookmarks straight from the terminal.

From time to time, it's helpful to send a coworker the GitHub commit URL for the latest commit in a repository. While you can navigate to GitHub, find the commit links, and manually copy it, using a custom CLI command makes this super easy!

When making a favicon for a website, it's pretty common to convert a PNG to an ICO file. There are countless online converters, but they all have gotchas, rate limits, and it's just hard to find the right one to do the job for you. With a very simple CLI command, we can do it ourselves!

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