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Old Git branches that are already merged can very quickly clutter your local repository. This can make it more difficult to find active branches you are working on. With a simple shell script we can clean up these old branches.

If you find yourself switching branches frequently and getting frustrated with typing out long branch names, or hitting tab way too many times to get to the branch you want to switch to, I might just have a solution for you!

Keeping your Git branches clean in your local repo is very helpful to make it easy to switch between branches you are currently working on. The last thing you want is a bunch of old branches that have already been merged showing in your list of branches when running git checkout.

I frequently switch between Git branches inside of Neovim using Telescope, but it's also handy to be able to switch branches using fuzzy find when outside of Neovim.

I've started to use git worktrees more lately but one of the pain points I had was that they don't copied ignored files such as .env files. I found I was able to improve this workflow by adding a post-checkout hook.